It’s Saturday!

Turn your OOO on and let’s go fellowshipping.  Or, stay home and enjoy the last post from the Atlanta Minister’s Meeting.  You’ll see why we are honored to the core to be in the Body of Christ.

God did great things in Atlanta.  That’s only a start.  People don’t want distractions or catchy gimmicks—they want a connection with God and to really know Him.

They’re wanting something more, something deeper.  We’re taking what we have, shining our lights, and creating opportunities for people to encounter Jesus.  That’s pretty exciting!

Enjoy the video.  People follow what we actually are more than who we say we are.  This video represents our culture:  true unity, one faith, and a love bonded from walking the walk and living in His truth, every day.

You’ll be lifted up.

Then, we suggest connecting it to a speaker, cranking up the volume, and just letting it rip—if you want to REALLY be blessed 🙂

Hey, thanks for your extra support this week.  It’s been fun meeting every day.  We’ll miss you tomorrow <3

P.S.  Hand us some coffee.





One thought on “WEEKEND BRIEF: “Atlanta, We’re Gonna Miss You”

  1. The messages have been so inspiring.
    I can’t wait for the next time.
    The net fellowship of Gods people.

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