Good Morning!  The second Atlanta meeting post is here.

Along with a cup of coffee, enjoy reading highlights from the whole weekend—plus, special sister fellowship moments in the hotel lobby <3

Such a perfect way to start a Thursday!


By Sister Trecinda Kinsey

Enjoy the Trip

Meetings are the perfect venue for God’s people to be able to fellowship together.  For starters, just being on the road together for several consecutive hours allows us to get to know each other better (and not just what kind of snacks you like to munch on).   A road trip is the perfect environment to learn a little more about our brothers and sisters.

Brother Suggs described how the trip allowed him to learn about Sister Shelia’s testimony, and it was apparent how much he was moved by hearing how God worked for her.  Brother Gibbs also mentioned how much he enjoyed the drive with Sister Joyce.  He said that you should enjoy where you’re going, but you should also learn to enjoy the trip.

The Hotel Lobby              

Once we arrived in Georgia, the fellowship continued, but now the hotel lobby became the place to touch base with each other.  There were almost always several saints sitting together at a table talking or enjoying  a meal together.  Remember, fellowship = food.

Even those staying at other hotels and those who live in the area were spending time in the lobby for fellowship.  While the men were together in the Saturday meeting, the sisters were able to spend time together fellowshipping as well.

Forecast:  Rain

The first meeting of 2019 brought an abundance of rain . . . naturally and spiritually!  Saturday was a rainy day with torrential downpours that evening.  What a good experiment to see who will “prefer their brother” by running through the rain to pull the car up to the building (thanks, Brother Bobby!).  Sunday morning brought clear skies outside, but the downpours continued indoors.  Brother Wright opened the service by welcoming everyone and, as always, the hospitality of the Atlanta saints was evident in the preparations they made for us.

From the Ministry

Brother Wright mentioned that Jesus should be in our “personal space” and we should appear different from the world as a result of His presence.  Next, Brother Gibbs continued on the foundation that was previously laid, and he posed a question that got my attention.  What did Saul see in David that caused him to be willing to take such a monumental risk on such a young, “ruddy” lad?  Brother Patrick followed with three ways to identify if something is a counterfeit, or the “real deal”:

  1. Workmanship
  2. How it feels
  3. The price

Lastly, Brother Suggs spoke about power.  He read Matthew 28:16-20 and told us that if we praise the Lord, He will inhabit us.  Brother Suggs was clearly moved as he described hearing Sister Shelia’s testimony about when she received the Holy Ghost.  The spirit moved in such a way that he couldn’t continue speaking, and the saints began to praise the Lord.

It was truly a beautiful time together with God’s people, and  I’m already eagerly anticipating wonderful things this April in California.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience . I didn’t get to go I feLT the tug of all holy ghost while reading the comments . I want to get my Bible and look at the scriptures and can’t wait to hear more. God’s people are coming closer together getting so then we can be sensitive spirit of God touch wherever we are. Thank you so much I’m glad you got to go and I’m glad you shared.

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