minister's meeting atlantaThis weekend is the Atlanta Minister’s Meeting.  It is the first of many meetings this year that will be amazing because the path we are all walking is shining brighter and brighter and brighter.

From the saints not in Atlanta, we’re praying for an awesome meeting and for God to prepare our hearts to hear His voice as He speaks personally and powerfully to the season we are in now, through the Ministry.

To all the saints in Atlanta, we love you and pray for your safe travels.

Thank you, Church at Atlanta.  The moment you walk through their doors, you feel welcome and at home.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing photos, highlights, and insights from the meeting (hello there, Bridge Crew in Atlanta), so if you don’t follow us on Facebook and The Bridge, do that right now.

Come visit—in any of our churches—God does incredible things in an atmosphere of worship and truth.

Keep THE Faith.  Great things are happening in God’s Church!

P.S.  Happy Saturday <3

One thought on “EXCITING DAYS!

  1. Yes it is an exciting time to be with God’s people in God’s church I just appreciate the spirit of Freedom we get from having the truth .I appreciate seeing all the wonderful examples of God’s people striving everyday to live in Christ like Christ to someday be with God the Father and Christ. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement I get from the bridge and the wonderful truth we get from the ministry who are striving to guide us and lead us all the way into heaven thank you.

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