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OH 3Brother Nobles allowed the young people, alumni, and production team to have some songs at the end of Open House, and Sister Jean welcomed opening part of the evening for our kids and team to sing.  We appreciated the opportunity to be a part.

That’s A Wrap

Our team was inspired even though this project was a quick turnaround, five days.  Everyone jumped in to help.  It’s always amazing to watch singers and musicians put their creative heads together and come up with arrangements and strategies for various songs.  Pulling together time, resources, and energy of so many on the team is greatly appreciated.  The heart and character of this entire team is uplifting.

A Bigger Picture

We’re grateful for being allowed to create opportunities that invite the use of gifts or talents to support the church and be diligent stewards of the resources entrusted to us, teaching our youth not to bury their talents in the earth, but to bring them to God, giving Him the first fruits.

The Greatest Present We Can Give Our Young People . . . Be Present

We have a limited time with our young people, so make every moment count.  The world never rests and finds new ways every day to push its culture on them.  It’s important that we connect with them building solid relationships that lead to Jesus.

In church they see that being spiritual, following order, living the Bible, building lasting friendships, having fun, and lots of laughter—all go hand-in-hand.

At the end of the day, we make it all about THE LORD.

Crisis Averted

No one is a bystander.  When we see a problem, no matter our role on the team, we step in to help or think of a solution.  Many improvements can be made, not by criticism, but by starting a conversation.  When others know you care for them, they are willing to get on board and work harder.  When someone is struggling, it’s our desire to fight for them and help them realize they are wanted and appreciated—especially young people.

Our roots go very deep in the Lord and with each other.

It was a great Open House.  Spread the cozy, and enjoy the beautiful memories!!

Don’t miss the video at the end!

Happy Holidays, all.

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2 thoughts on “OPEN HOUSE 2018: A Very Delightful Evening

  1. As always, the Open House was
    a wonderful time of fellowship, love and bonding. The performance by our young people was the icing on the cake to a wonderful evening. Everywhere throughout the room, Elder LaFleur’s influence and teaching in the word of God was evident. Thank you to everyone who worked both behind the scenes and in front for making the open house of 2018 a roaring success!!

  2. Open House was once again a huge success and enjoyed by all. Making the youth a working part of it was definitely a highlight to the evening. The Elder’s presence, influence, and teachings were evident with each activity. I am thankful that the Lord has allowed for enjoyments such as this to look for ward to each year. I am looking forward to a great year in 2019.

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