Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words? 

Yes.  A thousand times, yes.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then every photo taken has the ability to speak thousands of words into the lives of people.  God has given Sister Hannah James eyes to see and a heart to capture great shots of God’s people.  We appreciate her, Brother Ron, and all contributing photographers, who help to document REAL moments that tell a true story . . . what a good and happy life the Lord has given us in the Body of Christ!

You Mean Wash The Dishes, As In Work?

You guys are about to see some of the happiest workers in the whole entire world.  A lot of fun is going on behind the scenes.

This family works together with ease and familiarity and always finds ways to add some play and spontaneity.  We look out for each other.  We aren’t just a team—we are family.  We pitch in when there is work to do and we communicate.  Not just by speaking and listening, but by the spirit in which we do both.

You Said Hands.  Plural.

Many hands make work light, and we pick up a lot from other people—we are better together.  This video has all the feels.  We can’t even put it into words how sweet it is to have a family this big.

Warning:  watch the facial expressions and prepare for smile overload.  It’s contagious.

There might be more fun going on behind the scenes than we initially let on . . . cough, cough.

You’ll see what we mean within an instant.

Love you guys!


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