Thanksgiving centers on gratitude and its traditions around food and family.  We love seeing people gathering with family, carving turkeys, watching sports together, and sitting around the table giving thanks and making memories.

On this day, enjoy guests and family.  Let friendships grow closer and love, truer.  As night falls, be humbled that you are not headed out into a dark, rainy street without a warm meal.

For those on a journey through grief, holidays can bring sadness.  Yet, even in difficult times, gratitude has power.  May some of your tears be grateful tears remembering the day Jesus knocked on the door of your heart and something deep within you cried out—Yes.

Remember the atmosphere of where you were, feeling amazed at the people around you, the pace of your heart, the singing, tears rolling down your face, and the message you felt down to the pit of your stomach.  Wherever you were, never forget the day you opened your heart to receive the Holy Ghost and that moment God’s very life breathed inside you.  That new life is many things, one of which is—Our Comforter.

It’s one of the greatest honors of our lives here that we bore witness to Elder’s life and how God used him to bring us here today.  He had such a freeing, unconditional love for God—’I’ve got you and you’ve got me’ kind of love.

Lord, take care of him.  Elder, rest peacefully as you wait on the other side—you left His church in a good place and the saints here are striving to be with you again.

We miss Elder and Sister Fidelina.  Let their lives remind us to stay faithful, to love, and to give.  They continuously gave thanks to God for true salvation—which led them to eternal life.

With so much marketing around us, with so many people telling us what we have is not enough, thankfulness opens the soul to contentment.  We are never going to run out of reasons to be thankful to Him.

Our thanksgiving is in response to ALL Christ has done for us, and we can express thankfulness to God for His provision, His salvation, and His plan for our lives.

We have a place to call home.  The most meaningful part of any celebration is that we have a new birth in Jesus, we worship together, and we build His kingdom serving alongside each other.

So, no matter if it’s your first time with us for our Thanksgiving meal today, or you’ve been here since the beginning, you’re family.  Relax and enjoy!

Before we’re all lying on the floor in a food coma, take some pictures or write in your journal.  Document your life.  You’ll never, ever regret it.

We have so much to be thankful for🧡


One thought on “WEEKDAY BRIEF: “Let’s Give Thanks”

  1. Truly enjoyed this post. I felt the love, compassion and warmth that went into it. As I read it, it took me down memory lane of meals with the family of God both past and present. The laughter and joy that infectiously spread through the room. I’m so thankful for my family and the Family of God. I think myself happy and blessed to be where God’s people are gathered togethered.

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