Hi!  How is everyone’s weekend going?

Over here we’re feeling the joy!

As a church in a generation where, like David, we are surrounded by growling and snarling voices from the world, we found the secret of the Lord—His inner joy.  That inner joy has begun to fill our hearts with the assurance that God is going to accomplish something incredible through our lives for His Church.

In Psalm 63, as the enemy was seeking to destroy his soul, David lifted his hands to God and blessed Him.  As long as his soul could see God’s power and glory, he needed NOTHING else.

That is some awesome inner joy, people.

As Brother Everett Gavin and the singers were singing, “I Feel the Joy” a couple weekends ago, the spirit of rejoicing spread across the people.  God amplified the voices of the singers so that it sounded as if all of heaven were singing!  It was truly amazing and so many of us knew in our hearts, “Lord, this is YOU.”

This morning as Brother Bobby Wadleigh was mopping at church cleanup, that song was in his heart and he was feeling the joy.

Brother Nobles encourages us to rejoice every day and come to service ready for the Lord to speak to us however He leads.  Like David, in our heart we might not always know exactly what everything is all about, but we know what is happening right now is a lot bigger than where we have ever gone.

Brother Nobles and the Ministry are telling us to rejoice in God’s faithfulness and encourage others to keep this joy.

Let Him put gladness in your heart!!

Do you feel the joy_

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