By Brother John Shepard

Backing Up: Prelude to Our General Meeting of the Body of Christ.

In this recent meeting, Brother Nobles mentioned that Elder LaFleur’s last few messages to the Church as a whole were concerning getting to a greater level of praising and worshiping our Savior. This reference caused me to “back-up” in my notebook and revisit those last few services.

On May 20, 2018, Elder concluded the service with Psalm 149, James 4:8, and Psalm 150.
Both Psalm 149 and 150 deal strictly with everything with breath praising the Lord. As Elder would often say, “It doesn’t say to praise him only if you feel like it.”

James 4:8 has the same attitude.

I’m persuaded that God wants to draw closer to us than ever before. As this scripture shows us, His doing so relies solely on our drawing nigh to him. In past services prior to this meeting, Brother Nobles and the ministry explained in great depth the different characteristics of Charity, the very nature of Heaven. I encourage everyone to glean by listening to those CD’s again and again. We’ve learned by those teachings the things we must put on in order to win Christ.

What This Meeting Meant to Me

You could tell that the Church has been responding well to those messages and drawing nigh to God because He certainly drew nigh to us in this meeting. It started Thursday evening with the greatest saturation of His Spirit that I’ve ever witnessed. No doubt everyone came expecting and were not let down. Because our services are not programmed, God was not boxed in and limited. He was able to do what he wanted to do for us. I’m so thankful for His order and everything having it’s time and place.

Friday morning, Brother Nobles had the liberty to teach on Overcoming and that there are things we must put-off and even mortify in our lives in order to make room for the things that we must put on.

Brother Gibbs followed with scriptures showing how having simple faith is the beginning of the Overcoming process.

Throughout the weekend, we heard several of our minsters exhort and edify the Church with the message that we can win this battle for Eternal Life. I’m thankful for these men allowing God to work through them.

It was special to me to see Brother Randy Smith use his gift despite his recent health challenges. I’m also thankful for the sacrifices made by Brother Bean, Brother Wright, and all the saints who traveled great distances to be together. Brother Gill’s gift was definitely missed, but I look forward to seeing him in the next meeting.

The Lord truly blessed us.

Moving Forward

As I try to tie all these thoughts together, I hope to encourage you further. A scripture comes to mind that really summarizes how overcoming, or mortifying the characteristics of the flesh, and taking on the nature of Christ is truly praising God to the highest level.

By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name. But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. -Hebrews 13:15-16

Praise the Lord!!

One thought on “FROM THE HEART: “Backing Up and Moving Forward”

  1. Thank you for these encouraging words. This meeting definitely took us to new heights in the Lord and a new level of worship and praise. I am thankful for a unified ministry. This meeting moved along with “smoothness,” as Bro. Michael stated. Overcoming has been a misunderstood word for me but those misunderstandings are gone after this meeting. The teachings on overcoming were brought out in a simple way and tied together with the three fold temptation, by Bro. Nobles and followed up by the ministry which I am thankful for. I too went back and read the Elder’s last two teachings. They were both filled with exhortations to worship and praise the Lord more. This was a great meeting!

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