It’s unbelievable how good God is and what He did for us in this convention!  The most powerful moments as a church family are when we are worshiping together in unity and learning His teachings.

Hello, Elder?

As Brother Darrell sang “A Little Talk with Jesus” many felt it.  Elder brought this congregation on a journey that started years ago, and his presence was palpable through the Holy Ghost during the meeting, especially in that song.

The Lord built this house and we have one culture—God’s.  Brother Nobles says we are one house with different rooms.  Wherever you attend or visit our church, feels the same.

Many lives were gathered in that building for four days, each representing a different story, background, and season in life.  When we gather together as One Church, there is power in that unity.  To see so many people worshiping God and surrendering to the Holy Ghost was overwhelming to take in and something we never want to forget or take for granted.

We saw only a glimpse of the work that was taking place in those times of praise, worship, and prayer lines.  God was working in people’s hearts . . . maybe He was healing people, breaking strongholds, mending broken things, or bringing freedom.  There is no doubt that in those moments God is moving in people’s lives.  He’s speaking, encouraging, and confirming things in us.  These moments can change the course of our lives.

The spirit of this meeting was truly precious, and we’d be hard pressed to find one person in the entire place who missed out on the presence of God.  Once again, God exceeded our expectations in this meeting as He had His way in the hearts of His people!

2 thoughts on “WEEKDAY BRIEF: “All Our Hope”

  1. If this weekend was a glimpse of what a Restored Church feels like….Wow…the Lord has greater things ahead for the Body of Christ!!! We were so overwhelmed by the presence of God; and the Word of God, given through the men of God, was more rich than we’ve ever experienced! Thank the Lord for His great Grace that was poured out upon us this weekend! We’re winning and we’re going to make it!

  2. How precious it was to share the glorious outpouring of God’s Spirit with our family from near and far! He put His stamp of approval on our fellowship, our ministry and our direction. It was a powerful anointing the likes of which remind me of the early days in Potter’s Hill when the Elder was teaching us how to love each other in spirit and truth. I recall an elderly minister who had come in under Bro William Sowders telling us that our little country church had the same spirit of love, joy and unity as the earliest days of the Body. All these years later, that is still true! The Elder planted us in Christ and we continue to grow in Christ under the wise leadership of Bro Nobles and our ministry.

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