It’s almost here!

The Church at Onslow is—and always has been—passionate about the Gospel.  We love the Lord and remain true to His calling for our church.  Our aim is to build His true Church, expand the Kingdom, and praise His name for generations to come.  That desire accurately reflects the spirit and heart behind the direction we are heading.

Arrive the first night knowing God can do anything.  What He has in store for us is beyond our comprehension.  He’s already given us His favor and mercy.  Get ready to worship, engage, and seek Him.  Enter these four days with a longing and spirit to receive God.

Come with the spirit of Charity—prepare to bring something, to help, to fully support, to work, to give.

Each of us need Him in our lives.  Open your heart and let Him do a new thing.  We’re praying for a breakthrough, collectively and personally, to understand Him deeper and see Him more clearly.

Trust us, there will be A LOT of content you will want to jot down, so bring a journal and your favorite pen.

Also, you might need a little something to eat during service, so pack some lifesavers or candy and a bottle of water—or you can get a few goodies from the foyer on your way inside.  Sharing is optional, so be warned.  We’re family, and if you start the pass of your skittles bag, it may not come back the same as it left. 🙂

We look forward to seeing you.  The future is bright and we’re in for a phenomenal convention!!

Meeting Oct

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