The thing we can count on in coastal North Carolina in October is that we will always be eagerly awaiting the first cool morning.

Many have expressed appreciation for recent services teaching us how to think and have a mind that’s not afraid because we’re going through conditions.

We haven’t lost hope and once we have worked our way through this, we will know something we didn’t know before.  It will be from God and it will be valuable to us.  Something we can digest for a long time.

Our lives are the culmination of all these messages we’ve heard through the years—-whether since childhood, a young adult, or just starting.  The collection of notes we have written down are actually like a collection of diamonds.  They are glittering and valuable.  When life is dim, they sparkle.

As we sit waiting for an answer, hold fast even though life might be slamming us hard.  Or maybe we need to get out of a mess, and don’t know how, so we ask for His help.  Maybe we’re praying for actual things, not just wisdom and love.  Maybe we’re praying for a new state of mind, to think like He teaches us.

Just know . . .

God has never abandoned us or not kept us. He is still God, still our life.  xx

_As A Man Thinketh in His Heart, So Is He._3

3 thoughts on “DAILY BRIEF: “Go Back Down To The Brook”

  1. Thank you sister Lisa and thank the Lord he sends exactly what we need to hear in a way that we can hear it. Thank you so much for your post week and touched the depths of my soul. The scripture says as a man thinketh so is he but we’re learning if we adjust our thinking to think like God so we will be thank you so much.

  2. We are blessed to have a ministry that can give us what we need and inspire us to keep moving in the right direction. Thank you Bridge team for giving us words of encouragement and reminding us bow blessed we are.

  3. To always be reminded by the Ministry through the Word is God of much God lobes and is watching out for our every need is truly precious peace of mind. Although our lives and conditions in them may not always “feel” like God has our situation covered, it’s the knowing through the scriptures that is truly a treasure.

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