A Revelation

Our ministers preach to help people, not impress them.  When a minister speaks truth, he speaks from the inside looking out and knows the hearts of the people.

The Ministry works and teaches with insight and a vision to show us that somehow, through all our shortcomings, we’re able to achieve redemption, forgiveness, mercy, and a chance to overcome for the highest calling, eternal life.

Brother Nobles and our ministers know about human turmoil, brokenness, and religion gone terribly wrong.  They know wherever truth is spoken, people flourish and peace abounds.  Elder LaFleur was called to build God’s true church, and it will only get bigger.

The ability of God’s men to bring out truth so simply, forces us to pause and remember all the times God opened our eyes.

Do You Remember The Day The Lights Went On?

When mysteries and questions fade into truth and revelation, you know God is illuminating your mind.  A revelation connects us more powerfully to the Word and indelibly marks us in God’s Kingdom.

If you come with an open mind and desire truth, then prepare to hold on.  As we open our hearts, the Holy Ghost comes in, and God turns the light on.  When He touches your mind, revelations are intense—they grab you from the first one, and won’t let go.  If you want that experience, pray.  God hears our prayers and puts us in the right place.

We’ll Keep The Light On

Revelations aren’t one and done.  Levels of revelation will continue to unfold as long as we stay hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

Drawn together by a reverence for God, love for each other, and desire for truth, we are a people in this modern age of fleeting commitments, offering good reason to hold on to the Bible and salvation with all your might.


Brother Gill’s message about praise during our recent Minister’s Meeting.


He Lives In Me.  Within those four words was a powerful opening.

Brother Gill honored Elder LaFleur saying thank you for everything Elder had sown, built, taught, and poured into our lives.  He remembered Elder’s last couple of messages he preached, specifically about praise.

We need to know God personally.  He’s my God.  He’s your God.  He came to save the lost.  You don’t have to be good—He’s a God of love and mercy.  As Brother Gill remembered the night God brought him to the altar and saved him, it brought back memories for us of the day we gave our lives to the Lord.

Like A Scene Out Of Psalms

Except it’s in Philippians.

Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.  Philippians 4:4

It’s Paul talking to the Church at Philippi, and it’s the topic of one of the last couple messages Elder LaFleur preached.

Blow Your Cover

It’s time to come out of hiding and let everyone know where we stand.  Let others see how much we love and are longing for more of God.  Get our Christian life and worship out of private mode.  Start by praising Him more in private, and it will come easier in church.

Use The Force, Luke

But when Jesus heard it, he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.  Luke 8:50

God will test us.  Do we really desire Him?

We cannot say, “Lord, if you do this, then I’ll do that.”  We must believe and trust Him.  He’s looking for a people who will praise Him and let the world know WE ARE HIS.

Brother Gill also pointed out that praise is not limited to singing a few songs a week in a church service.  Worship should be embracing our lives in entirety when we are praying by ourselves and going through our daily routines.  Our personal prayer life spills over into church.

The 7-Eleven

Long before 1962 when the iconic convenient store changed its hours to be open around the clock, heaven had already coined being open 24-hours a day, seven days a week–even on holidays.  God’s hours are not limited to Saturday and Sunday.

We can praise Him at any hour of the day or night.  In the shower, car, home, office, school—even the middle of the night—we can praise Him.  It’s not about a particular song or prayer, it’s about our personal relationship with God.  We communicate with God according to our perception, and the ministry has taught us to talk to Him as our personal Savior and friend.  He is close and we can call on Him.  No matter what situation, we’re never alone.

No slurpee compares to that.

Night Shift

Angels work around the clock, too.  Brother Gill referenced Isaiah 37:36 when an angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian troops during the night.  God said He would defend this city and ensure Jerusalem would not fall to Assyria’s siege.  In one verse, that night came.

An abundance of food was left.  God can take away from those who have, and give it to those who have not.  If we don’t go forth and use what God gave us, He will take it away.

Don’t Be Tossing Your Hair In Front of God’s Daughter, Zion.

We’re still in Isaiah 37.  Hezekiah was glued to the message God sent him through Isaiah—especially where God doubled down about protecting the daughter of Jerusalem, verse 22, against the boastful, haughty king.  By verse 24, God was fired all the way up.

It’s God alone who is in charge.  We must obey Him and His Word.

If you can’t get enough of the message from God that Isaiah relayed to Hezekiah, finish reading the whole chapter.

Like When The Scrappy Underdogs Face Insurmountable Odds And End Up Putting It All Together—And Win.

God is going to manifest Himself in a people, and He’s looking for Bride members.  He’s given us this incredible opportunity to overcome and be part of His Bride.  We can pull together, overcome our lives, and actually make it.

We have to get ourselves together and prove to God we are grown up.  Know the difference between God in us and the evil side that we must overcome.  Measure ourself by the Bible, not by others.

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.  Hebrews 5:14 

A clarity on overcoming is coming.  Strong meat and other things are coming that will help us get our spiritual lives in order.

Praise Can Turn It All Around.

God wants us to come down for prayer and ask Him for things we need, but how do we feel if the only time someone we love comes to us is when they need something?  Thank and praise Him first, no matter what situation.

Brother Monte also recently reminded us that Elder taught us to be a praying people.  It’s time to glorify the Lord!  All the days of sitting and not being a part of service are over.  Lift your hands in praise—all the way up.

Circumstances can begin to turn around when we start being thankful and praising the Lord.  Brother Gill said the spirit of praise and worship comes on him when he’s in his office.  Make it who we are, not just something we do at church.

To The Church

That desire and spirit of praise will bring us closer to Him.  Let the Kingdom of God come.

Let’s move up.  Elder gave us these messages to move on and make it.  He wants to see us again.  We can do better.  I pray everyone of us will get that spirit of praise!



We can’t fail with the encouragement Brother Gill left us.

We will yield our lives.

We will listen and follow the Ministry.

We will let Him have control of the house.

We will follow wherever the lamb goes.

We will shine our light and walk by faith, no matter how dark the world gets.

We will believe—Our God Can Do It!!!






  1. Thank God for the Bridge! I look forward to the inspiration & encouragement I receive from the messages of truth from His ministry. Elder LaFleur built on the solid foundation of the Bible, taught us how to be a part of the Body of Chist & how to overcome our nature to be in the . Bride of Christ. Thank God for a ministry that has that revelation also & is teaching & leading us in that same direction. We are loved, safe & secure in Christ as we follow His ministry as they follow Christ. I appreciate S. Lisa & the Bridge team who bring us these beautiful words of life every week!

  2. I fully enjoy these messages. They do encourage me as I go thru my day. The Elder taught us to start our day thanking the Lord and praising him. I sure do miss Elder but am thankful that I see him in our ministry. Being able to go back and reread these messages anytime I want is a blessing. S. Lisa and the bridge team, you are the best!

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