Good Evening.

As night falls, a lot of people need prayer.

Brother Nobles recently talked about being content in the Lord and not just going through the motions of serving God.  A time comes when we should no longer be working on implementing these things.  Our lives instead should speak of contentment and faith.

Brother Gibbs said we need to get back to the basics.  He reminded us of where we came from.  There was a time when we believed we were rich, and we believed we had everything if we had the Lord.  There was a time when we stayed away from certain things because we didn’t want to be bit by the serpent.  We understood it was poison.

There was a time when we were careful not to allow anything to infect our mind because we knew all of a sudden, we’d be living by the course of the world, not by faith.  There was a time when we believed Psalm 23 that the Lord was our shepherd in the darkest night or on the highest mountain.  We were established on the principle, God will give us what we need.

Pray for others who are facing conditions.  We are sewn together by the unforgettable love of Christ and those who have labored on our behalf.  Amidst the complexities, stresses, and suffering of human existence, our landscape remains one of exceptional beauty and promise because of faith.

Our deepest concern is that we have a purpose so clear and strong that every truth we learn becomes who we are.

The people of God are a people of hope and are long used to enduring.  We are the Body of Christ.  One’s problem is all of ours.

Before drifting off, say a prayer for each other. xx


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  1. Thank you for these encouraging and thought-provoking posts. The wonderful teachings of the ministry are reinforced and driven deeper into my heart, challenging and convicting me to act on them.

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