Autumn weather, where are you?

If you’re in denial that summer is officially over, or if you’re victory dancing that fall is finally here—no matter, we are all blessed!

Brother Nobles is giving us what we need to weather ALL storms and know that God’s purpose for us is to receive the salvation that He’s given us.

When things aren’t smooth sailing, like Saturday after a major hurricane or when we face a battle, keep joy in our heart. His eyes are on what we do during and after a storm.

Don’t Say:  “It was a bad experience.”
Do Say:  “It was what God used to show me something to help me get closer to gaining eternal life.”

Learn what God wants us to learn while keeping the spirit of thankfulness.

He will make us a better people by working together and helping one another🧡💛

It’s a great day to talk to God and rekindle our passion!


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