The Ministry is United Even Stronger and Has an Unmistakable Anointing.  We See a Glimpse of the Kingdom of God Before Us. 

It’s Time To Step Up.

During our recent Minister’s Meeting, Brother Nobles worked to ensure we’re going forward with a healthy, thriving Ministry leading us.

Brother Gavin, Part 2, “Step Up”

“Brother Nobles told us it’s time to step up.  Elder, a man of God, put some things in us as he labored and built upon the foundation he laid.  I don’t want Elder to be disappointed in me.  I don’t want to disappoint God or this ministry.  I want to be steadfast and unmovable.”

Psalm 116 left is in awe.

“Young men, young people, older people—step up and take a stand.  I love this way.  I’m falling in love all over again.  We’re gonna make it, Saints.  You know why?  Because We’re Winners!”

It’s Time.

BG StepUp10

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