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Brother Gavin, Part 1, “Benefits”

From a place of tenderness and the spirit of God speaking through him, Brother Gavin led us through a message deep with appreciation and conviction.  He described how his favorite Psalm 116 is personal and comes right into our back yard and into our mind and how he once had nothing, but now has all this.  He reminded us that we don’t always know what someone is going through, but right here, we can get it all taken care of.

Remember when he read the first verse of Psalm 116 and said, “I love the Lord. Do you love the Lord tonight?”  And when he pointed out that supplications are stronger, more intense prayers and how vows permanently link us together, making them stronger than promises?

You could feel the Holy Ghost as he took us through Psalm 116.

He said he was thankful for Sister Jean and the wonderful words she has shared with him and his family that have helped them through the years.

He appreciated Elder LaFleur, “What a thing to be able to say—that you’ve left something for the people of God.  Every time I read Psalm 116:12, tears come to my eyes.  God’s given us so many benefits.  I don’t want to let down the Elder’s legacy or bring a reproach to anything.  I also feel that way about Brother Nobles and this ministry.”

BG Benefits

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