The Fellowship Meeting with Brother Bean and that it was a huge success.  Brother Nobles opened up last Saturday night’s service for testimonies from the saints who went to the meeting in California.

Meet A Ministry And Church Who Appreciate Each Other

Brother Nobles opened the service by appreciating all who took the time and made the sacrifice to go.  He appreciated the spirit they had and their willingness to work and be a part of the meeting.  He also thanked everyone who stayed back for their faithfulness in keeping the home fires burning.

Simply The Best

Brother Nobles was very appreciative of Brother and Sister Bean for hosting the meeting and the saints there who did so much to welcome our assemblies and the love they showed us.  “They made it very pleasant for us to be there.  There was a great welcoming spirit from Brother Bean, Sister Bean, and all the people.”


Extra Pleasant Surprises

Talking about doing everything you can to make people feel at home, Brother and Sister Bean and the saints had gift bags prepared for the saints arriving from The Church at Onslow.  Each bag contained a water bottle, small bag of assorted candy, hand sanitizer, pack of tissue, and a pen.  It was thoughtful and represented the kind of welcome we received.  Saturday evening, they had a barbecue meal catered that was delicious.  When you didn’t think it could get better, the fellowship following the meal proved otherwise.


As we read and reflect on the testimonies of the saints who attended the meeting, let them inspire us to have greater charity, be willing to work harder, and open our eyes to what God is doing in the Body of Christ.














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