In case you’re not following The Church at Onslow on Facebook (nudge, nudge), we’ve got you covered on The Bridge.  We’re sharing our during-the-week Facebook posts here so you don’t miss out.  If you happen to be longing for more of God or you’re having a no good, very bad day, we’re here to lift your spirits.  Maybe you just need a boost to know that in the highs or lows, God is right there with you.  

“Your Weekday Brief” series includes snippets of a message.  It wave tops a service or gives you a glimpse of a message by Brother Nobles or the Ministry.  These words of life settle over our souls, bless us as we go about our daily routine, and give us what we need to keep moving forward.  We hope they stir your soul, too.

We’re spreading a message of One Hope, One Truth, and One Spirit that encourages and connects God’s people.  Come, go with us!

We Are a People

Yay, we made it to the weekend!

But . . . we don’t know in our own lives how much time we have left, so in case we aren’t doing things right, no time like the present to cast those things aside.  The prodigal son “came to himself” one day asking ‘what in the world have I been doing’?  A big celebration followed😊.  Time to shake ourselves awake with a ‘come to myself’ moment.

The more we learn from the ministry, the more it settles over our lives, and the more intense our revelation becomes.  Share this with a friend who totally gets 1 Corinthians 15:34 and knows it’s a shame to not take advantage of what God’s given us here.  We’re hungering and thirsting after righteousness—like our life depends on it.  Have a good weekend guys


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