In case you’re not following The Church at Onslow on Facebook (nudge, nudge), we’ve got you covered on The Bridge.  We’re sharing our during-the-week Facebook posts here so you don’t miss out.  If you happen to be longing for more of God or you’re having a no good, very bad day, we’re here to lift your spirits.  Maybe you just need a boost to know that in the highs or lows, God is right there with you.  

“Your Weekday Brief” series includes snippets of a message.  It wave tops a service or gives you a glimpse of a message by Brother Nobles or the Ministry.  These words of life settle over our souls, bless us as we go about our daily routine, and give us what we need to keep moving forward.  We hope they stir your soul, too.

We’re spreading a message of One Hope, One Truth, and One Spirit that encourages and connects God’s people.  Come, go with us!

A Personal Journey

Brother Nobles was on a wrestling team.  The team could win or lose, but he had to win his own individual match.  God’s church will win, but we must each win our personal race.

Let these words inspire you to reflect on what is righteous and lovely.  We become what we think.  And if you ever pray and feel that as soon as the words leave your mouth, they fall flat in front of you, know this—they do not.

A Personal Journey


2 thoughts on “WEEKDAY BRIEF: “A Personal Journey”

  1. I love seeing these during the week. It keeps the message fresh and vital in my daily life. …and they’re beautifully done.

  2. I agree Bro. Christopher. Going over them also refreshes my mind of when they were given. It helps keep my mind on the things of the Lord. Sis. Lisa and the Bridge Staff, I thank you for your time and effort put into each and every post. It is life changing for me.

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