When it’s all said and done, we’re all walking home together, helping each other cross over whatever awaits.  Sister Fidelina Nadeau was our precious, beloved sister who moved out a live soul a little less than two months after Elder LaFleur.  We will miss her so much.  Fidelina means “Little Faithful One”.  Nothing truer could be said about Sister Fidelina Nadeau.  She lived a life of unwavering faithfulness to God.


By Brother Robert Wadleigh

On August 10, 2018, Fidelina Rodriguez Nadeau succumbed to complications associated with cancer.  She was a loving and devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, but that is not my story to tell.

From my perspective, Sister Fidelina, as we know her, was a great woman.  If you saw her in Walmart, you might not see it, but if you knew her like we know her, you saw it and you knew.  Some have described her as so sweet, you just had to love her.  Others talk about a smile that brought joy to the darkest time.

She was apt to serve.  She drew joy from things that others might overlook.

Before he moved on, Elder LaFleur described Sister Fidelina as a “mainstay”—meaning she was someone he could count on and a pillar in the church.

Regardless of how you remember her, you saw her greatness and it made you a little better.

As I remember her, two things come to mind.  They may help you understand the greatness I saw in her.

A couple months ago, she testified about missing “her Elder”, but she knew she would see him again.

Of her cancer diagnosis, she really didn’t seem concerned.  After all, God had delivered her from cancer before.  It wasn’t new to her.  She knew whether God healed her or not, she had already won.

A couple weeks ago service started and Brother Everett sang, “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” a few times through and I saw Sister Fidelina coming down for prayer.

She seemed different.  You could see her faith.  You could see her resolve.

When she got to the altar, she stopped, closed her eyes, raised both hands, and stood there praying.  She didn’t wait for the ministry.  She had already touched heaven when Brother Nobles began praying for her.

If you were there, you felt the spirit that night.  The night sister Fidelina brought heaven down to us.

So, I remember a great sister.  Not just by any gauge the world would use, but because she endured until the end.

Sister Fidelina, we will miss you until we see you again.

By Sister Trecinda Kinsey

There are some people who are in the spotlight.  People that you always notice.  Others blend into the background, not garnering much attention, but still always there . . . always faithful.  Sister Fidelina was one of the latter.  She was one of the faithful, one of the “key people” in our assembly.

One of the things that comes to mind when thinking about Sister Fidelina is FOOD.  She was an amazing cook, and she loved to share her food with others.  At potlucks, I may not recognize who brought what,  but the dish with the largest quantity of food usually came from her kitchen.  She would happily feed anyone who wanted to enjoy with her.

Sister Fidelina was a gentle and caring person, but don’t let that fool you.  She was also one of the toughest people I have known.  I have seen her endure sickness and hardships without batting an eye.  Just a  year ago, she went on an expedition through the jungles and mountains of Panama to reunite with her family.  I think we all remember the fairly recent chainsaw incident.  These are just a few examples of her strength and vitality. There was nothing she couldn’t do if she put her mind to it.

Sister Fidelina is an amazing woman who has touched so many lives.  She always had a beautiful smile and a kind word to share with everyone.  No matter what she was going through, she was a woman of unwavering faith and exuded a positive attitude just like “Her Elder” (as she always referred to him in testimonies.)  When I recently told her that I was praying for her, she told me with a glowing smile on her face, that her soul was already saved and that was all that mattered.

In my mind, the most memorable thing about Sister Fidelina was her warm smile.  She had the kind of smile that would light up a room.  She was a woman of conviction and faith, and I look forward to seeing her again one day if I just stay on the path and finish my course, just as she finished hers.

By Brother Everett Smith

It has taken a minute for me to think of what to say . . . Mama, I will forever be thankful for all the times we spent together laughing, picking on each other, and talking about how Great the Lord has been!  I have spent many nights eating at your table being stuffed and you asking me if I’ve had enough to eat!  You called me son and that was definitely an honor!  I will do my very best not to burn the biscuits and keep all that you’ve taught me!  I’ll never forget our last conversation where you told me stay on the right track, God Lives, and keep on going!  I told you that you’re winning and you told me, “I’ve already won!! and I love you, son!”  I know you are dancing and I can see that big smile on your face!  You definitely won!

See you again, Mama!  I love you!!

By Sister Deborah Wadleigh

When I think of Sister Fidelina, I will always remember a woman of GREAT faith, strength, character, and thankfulness.  She always had a beautiful smile and an encouraging word to share.  She loved her natural family endlessly and her church family dearly.

Through the years, you could drive by our church and find her working in the yard tending to the plants and flowers sharing her green thumb.  Yes, she had quite the green thumb.  I grew some basil from seed one year and gave her one of the small plants.  With her care, this basil plant grew and grew AND grew.  I would ask her about it from time to time, and I soon discovered that while basil is an annual for most of us, it was a perennial for her!

She was a wonderful example and inspiration!  She will be greatly missed!


5 thoughts on “FROM THE HEART: “Going Home”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful tributes to our dear Sister Fidelina. We all have special memories to share about her. I will miss her beautifully heartfelt testimonies, her warm and velvety voice quavering with emotion, the soft Spanish accent that reminded us where God brought her from. She never failed to touch my heart and make me want to be a better Christian. Sister Fidelina, your work here is done but I know I will see you again!

  2. Sister Fidelina was strength and love to me. The strength and love you could only get from God, in the Body of Christ. She loved the family of God as well as her natural family. She brought her two grand chldren to church with her, Story and Roland. Sweet and very well behaved as I am sure Sister Fidelina would have had it no other way. You could see the love for each one of us in her eyes, God’s love.. My fondest memory is on our ” Stew Beef” cooking team. She made the most wonderful biscuits and they were made with love. As we sat down to eat, before serving God’s people, Sister Fidelina would say, “I want my gravy in a bowl”. She would already have her bowl waiting. She was so precious and I know that I will see her once again, when my course is through.

  3. Certainly a friend, and a joy, and a great example of a believer! Sister Fidelina was all that and more! Bro Larry and Sister Fidelina reminds me always, of what it is to be a saint of God with the right spirit and devoted heart. As it has been said, you wouldn’t see them pushing out front, but are two steady people you can count on to always be there in full support in the background! Elder was right, true pillars indeed!!! Our love and prayers are with you, Bro. Larry. We love you very much!

  4. Sister Fedelina, I remember her as a kind hearted person, who with every trial that came her way she was overcoming them with faith in knowing God was in control and would bring her thru. I will miss you my Sister, also to the family and Bro Larry we love you and are praying for your strength.

  5. We will all truly miss Sis. Fidelina. She is a part of all of our lives. Knowing that we will see her again and that she is only moved on helps to ease the pain of our temporary loss. Memories of how much she did for the saints of God over the years only bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.
    We are all praying for God’s healing mercy for Bro. Larry and the family that feel the loss of our dear sister more than we do.

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