All-Star Messages

Brother Michael got up and loaded the bases.  Then Brother Phil hit a grand slam bringing it all home.


Last Saturday night.  The ministry proved how blessed we are to have come from a True Apostle.  Big deal, because everything was planted correctly and we get to reap the benefits.  We’re under a ministry in which every calling has been cultivated through the spirit of God to help the church.

The ministry is a visible representation of God, and through their gifts and leadership, they’re preparing us for doors God is going to open.


Brother Michael started by saying he is thankful for all the labor done here through the years by Elder and Sister Jean.

We have so many memories in this building of how we’ve grown.  The dining room.  The foyer.  Elder had the vision and it happened.  We have GREAT men of God here in this church, including ones like Brother Keith and Brother Jack.  I’ve learned a lot from them.

I remember my first service here.  I’ll never forget meeting the Elder.  I heard him singing during service—I had never heard someone sing that good.  He’s still alive.  That’s the good thing about moving out a live soul—you don’t die.

Elder put us on a course.  Don’t get caught up in a distraction.  This nature is relentless and will try to take you off your course.  Don’t let anything take you off that course.

I’m not worried about anyone else taking me off this course.  They can’t.  I’m the only one who can take me off my course.

Don’t offer God an unacceptable sacrifice and get thrown off your course.  Know what God wants.  Embrace the things the Lord has given us and done for us all these years.  Don’t get wrapped up in other things.  Get wrapped up right here.

We are children of the light, not the dark.  Once you’ve been exposed to the truth, you know the difference.

Don’t just finish your course.  Finish your course with joy!!

Brother Phil began by saying he is thankful for the Elder and Sister Jean and for how Elder built this church.  He is thankful for Brother Nobles and our ministry.

Elder had so much mercy and love.  He was a wise master builder.  I’m thankful God loved us so much to give us a real apostle.  Elder brought forth people’s gifts.  He sharpened and focused our talents and gifts.

Jesus put His time on earth into the twelve apostles.  Elder put his time in us here; that’s why we are steadfast.  When we shout, we know why.  We are taught the Word.  There is so much more to salvation than just accepting Jesus into your heart.

We come here to hear the Word of God that will change our lives, and we need to stir our souls.

We are giving time out of our lives to be here to get it right.  Why sit here all these years to get it all wrong?  Cain worked hard when he prepared his sacrifice, but it was rejected by God.  It didn’t matter how hard he worked or how great the sacrifice was.  God had cursed the earth and anything from it was unacceptable.  You can get the best and offer a sacrifice and it still be unacceptable.  Abel wanted to offer the sacrifice that God wanted.  FIND OUT WHAT GOD WANTS.

Don’t get this far to not complete your journey.  Let the ministry lay hands on you as in Acts 9:17, to touch your life and change you!  We can do this!  We can make it!!


Juxtaposing For A Picture.

Juxtapose is a fun word and a great way to add texture and energy to something you’re explaining.  You can use it to paint an extra clear picture.

Last weekend, as Brother Nobles taught on charity (we’re super excited to cover that soon), he mentioned how juxtaposing a subject can help us have a deeper understanding of that subject.  For example, he gave scriptures on characteristics that are NOT charity as groundwork to cover characteristics that are charity.  Put two things next to each other, and their similarities and differences are much easier to spot.  Sort of like an old 1989 Plymouth Reliant parked next to a shiny 2018 Mercedes S 560 Sedan.

Brother Michael and Brother Phil both talked about finishing our course.  Let’s juxtapose what it means to finish our course with someone who did not finish his course.  In 2 Chronicles, Asa spent much of his life serving God.  Then, he allowed something to take him off his course.

Don’t Start Chillin’ Right At The End.

There were a few men in the Bible who walked mightily with God in the first parts of their lives, but faltered in the latter part.  Danger exists when we no longer think the Lord holds us accountable because we’ve walked in His blessings and favor for so long.  He does still hold us accountable.

Like Brother Michael and Brother Phil said, we want to finish the course that He put us on with joy, not look back with regret at the end.

That Time You Cut Off Your Own Strength.

Asa, the king of Judah, had walked many years with the Lord.  He started out relying on God and wanting to do the right thing.  By 2 Chronicles 16, there was a turn in Asa, even though he had witnessed the faithfulness of God over and over.  Instead of going to God for an impossible situation, he went out of the house of the Lord to a Syrian king and hired a foreign army to help him fight his enemy.  The king accepted the silver and gold Asa offered him out of the Lord’s house and sent captains of his armies causing Judah’s enemies to retreat.  At first, the battle had the appearance of success.  It looked like Asa had outsmarted the enemy.

Not So Fast.

A seer comes by to tell Asa that he messed up in a big way.  He tells Asa that he made a foolish decision by scheming and reasoning instead of asking God for help.  After all, look at ALL those times God delivered them when odds were pretty bleak.  The seer informs Asa what his mistake will cost:  Asa will have wars and trouble the rest of his life—and some sort of gross foot disease.  His feet were no longer walking in the right direction.

What Will Take You Off Your Course?

Brother Michael asked this question last Saturday night.

Asa was full of rage and did not want the correction, so he put the seer in a prison house.  Asa locked away the voice of correction and held the key to what could, or could not, be spoken.  Another fatal decision.

Asa was faithful for most of his life, but when he changed his loyalty and would not take correction, he changed his ending.  He trusted God wholeheartedly in earlier years and came close–but did not finish his course with God.


With all the talk about offering up sacrifices that are unacceptable, let’s renew our personal altar by getting back to when it was a privilege to lay down our lives.

Get Back.  Get Back To Where You Once Longed. 

Get back to where we long for more of Him.

Get back to where we long for righteousness.

Get back to where we long to ask God for everything with an honest cry in our hearts knowing He will answer.

Get back to where we long to win the race.

Get back to where we long for the crown of righteousness laid up for us.

Get back to where we long to finish our course—with our hands raised and our hearts full of joy.


7 thoughts on “KEEP WALKING

  1. Amen! Glory glory glory!
    Well done. I’m so thankful for this way.
    I’m so thankful for this ministry.
    I’m so thankful for this order.

  2. Such great words from the ministry, and Sis. Lisa. I want to finish my course! Thanks for another encouraging post!

  3. What a wonderful post! I feel invigorated and excited to continue on my journey with the Lord. Thank you Bridge crew for such a great start to my day!😃

  4. Amen I gained strength and encouragement. I am thankful to the ministry for listening and speaking the voice of God to his people. this is our reasonable service to run and finish our course.

  5. Thank God for a ministry that will teach us Bible truths & encourage us to live a life that is pleasing to Him! Thank you S. Lisa & the Bridge crew for bringing this together for even more encouragement as we walk this Christian way.

  6. Psalm 48:9-14 KJV
    We have thought of thy lovingkindness, O God, in the midst of thy temple. [10] According to thy name, O God, so is thy praise unto the ends of the earth: thy right hand is full of righteousness. [11] Let mount Zion rejoice, let the daughters of Judah be glad, because of thy judgments. [12] Walk about Zion, and ake it go round about her: tell the towers thereof. [13] Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the generation following. [14] For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.
    Our Revelation is were are going to make it as long as we uphold God’s Ministry, an keep our spiritual Mind and life on The Goal,striving tot the Bride of Christ ,by following his ministry in the Body If Christ,……

  7. Amen amen beautifully said thank God for what the Lord is doing in his church.Thank God for this way and to be called and chosen to finished this course here on earth to gain eternal life.

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