By B. Robert Wadleigh

In a period of transition there is vulnerability.

It’s a principal that was introduced to me recently by a military man.  It was further explained that anytime a military operation begins, the period in which an offensive force is deployed or establishes itself, it is most vulnerable to attack.

In thinking about this concept, I find it almost universally true.

In a corporate setting, when the founder of a company retires, men see their opening and try to exert their authority.  Seldom to the good of the company.

When Momma passes, children clamor for her dishes or her favorite skillet.  Often families end up not talking to one another because of the exchanges that occur at these times.

Yes.  Mankind has repeated this cycle over and over in many different ways. However, there is an exception to this principle.

That is when God makes a change.

Sure.  Vulnerability exists.  Paul warned of it in Acts 20, but when God does a thing, there is also confirmation.

When Moses died, God came to Joshua and Israel occupied the land of promise.

When Elijah was taken, his mantle fell to Elisha and the signs were clear.

When Jesus parted the veil, a ministry stepped forth and preached the word to three thousand.

As mentioned, Paul was very aware of the vulnerability that man’s ambition poses, but in numerous places he also described a prepared ministry.

This type of confirmation is not limited to “Bible times”, in the months following brother Nick’s death in the spring of 1979, God added dozens to the church at Potter’s Hill and the migration to Jacksonville soon followed.

When I arrived here in May of ‘79, I certainly didn’t know I was part of the church moving on nor, I expect, did anyone else.

It is only now I understand I arrived at time of transition and confirmation.

So even as we grieve Elder LaFleur, we know there is a ministry and a people that were prepared for this day.  We also know great things lie ahead for God’s people.

So yes, vulnerability exists, but so doesn’t strength.

God’s confirmation is coming.

What will it look like?  It might be a miraculous out pouring, a flood of new saints, or (just) a quiet confidence that God is still on the throne.  I really have no idea, but we’ll know it when we see it and I’m glad we’ll be a part.


6 thoughts on “FROM THE HEART: “Transition”

  1. Beautifully said, B. Bobby, and I am happy to be a part as well. I look forward with confidence in God and the Ministry.

  2. I am also thankful that I am a part and am looking ahead to what God has for us. So thankful for a ministry that the Elder prepared to take us on this way.

  3. Together we will continue on with the Lord and His people. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the days ahead.

  4. Beloved, now we are the sons and daughters of God, and descendants of the Elder, and it doth not appear what we shall be; but we know that, we are safe, this is non other than God’s ministry, and when he shall appear, like what B. Bobby is talking about, we shall see it. We’ve been prepred. Great thoughts Bro. Bobby.

  5. True words that warm the hearts and minds of God’s people! The Lord prepared us through the gift and strength of a great man of God, and a ministry that Elder built here through the Word and Spirit of God! I’m excited and looking forward to those signs the Lord will send us to confirm His Hand is on us and Grace is with us! We’re Winning! And we’re going to make it!

  6. Amen, Brother Bobby beautifully said for there is something going to happen I just pray that I will continue to be perpare and strengthen for what is to come for us the people of God.

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