Our hearts grieve in memoriam for our Elder and Apostle.

Some people are just born to do things.  He was born to be a leader and love people.

We will miss him every single day.

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12 thoughts on “OUR HEARTS GRIEVE

  1. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of Elder’s great love for God and his people. I appreciate them so much. 💜

  2. Words can’t express how much he gave or how much we’ll miss him, but to the post I say amen and amen.

  3. We’re so thankful to the Lord for allowing us the great opportunity to be a part of this great work that the Lord did through the ministry of Elder LaFleur! Thank you to Sister Jean for standing beside Elder through all the UPS and downs… knowing we would MAKE IT through! We love you!
    We’re Winning!

  4. Words cannot express the impact Elder Lafleur has had on my life personally. I will miss his humor, leadership, wisdom and encouragement. Thankfully, his greatest legacy is that he always lifted up the Name of Jesus and, by example, demonstrated living victoriously in any circumstance. He prepared those of us that knew and loved him how to go on in Christ after God called him home.

  5. There are no words but … Thank you God
    I was so honored to have had him in my life and him to love me as a part of his family. He prayed for me in my saddest times and rejoiced with me in my victories. He was a true man of God through example. He was loyal, kind, loving and a man of God’s order. He taught us that the word was God’s mind. I will miss him so much. But he is not suffering any more!! He left a precious wife and strong woman of God and very precious children and grandchildren whom I am so blessed to know and love He established this family of God also, and we all stick together like glue. Now more than ever, because of the love he instilled through the love of Christ we will miss him.

  6. Not enough words to tell How the Elder,bless my life, And many others,It Been and Honor in God to know him,an keeping The spirit of truth alive in the Body of Christ,with the Great Family of God He Established in The Lord. Will miss him,my love is always be there, knowing will see him again with the Lord. Through his teaching of the truth, We can make it,

  7. Elder was the bridge that brought many of us over from prejudices to unity, from obscurity to belonging. From unknown to FAITH. From unloved and losing to so much love and winning. Your loyalty and dedication to the Lord was an example to us all that we can so it. I love you i always will. To the greatest man I ever knew. Thank you for giving us the total gift of yourself

  8. The words found at the link above describe a great man to those that didn’t know him, but to those that knew him, he was so much more.

    In times like these, words fail.

    If you want to know the Elder, his love, his faith, and his strength can still be found in the people he left behind.

    We will grieve for a moment. We will miss him until we see him again. We will thank God for him forever.

  9. Thank God for Elder Lafleur what an amazing Man of God he is . He devoted his life fully to God,the people of God and his family.He taught me how i can find myself in the word of God.How important having a prayer life is. I love you always Elder

  10. I feel so blessed to have known a man willing to give his life to the Lord and His people. He taught me how to love the Lord, His people and myself. He will never be forgotten because he lives in the hearts of so many people.

    1. Amen so true,l am one of those he love in Christ and taught to love others through the Eyes of Jesus Christ,he touch my life an was the greatest example for us All,showing us how too make it too ,by the right path in the lord,always love him and his precious family, moving forward, an know were gonna make it ,be Up ..in Christ

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