What An Exciting Experience To See “Let It Rain” Come To Life!

We never know what we put down on paper is going to look like until it all comes together in the end.  We’re blessed to have a well-rounded team with a mix of creative, organized, and artistic abilities—and an awesome technical crew.

When you realize God called you to a wealthy place . . .

The Lord adds to His Church individuals who can fulfill roles that bless and serve His people in different ways.  We end up with exactly what we need to get the job done.

Something Miraculous Is Happening In Our Church

And it’s happening with our young people in spite of the divisive dominant culture that’s growing in the world.

Out there, people are sailing into a headwind every day.  They keep thinking if they make better laws or take care of the earth, then somehow, we’ll all go blissfully into the future.  Maybe the reason people think this way is because they want hope for a better tomorrow.  Our younger generation desperately wants to believe in something greater than what they see on the news.  But the world won’t achieve it.  It never has.  Even religion is leaving people with emptiness.

Open The Eyes Of Your Heart

Come discover a taste of real hope as our young people sing about what God has done for them in “Let It Rain”.  Cast your worries of the week aside and take time to laugh and smell the roses as our cast entertains you with funny and meaningful skits.  You’ll walk out feeling good and full of hope.

On behalf of the production team, we are grateful for this opportunity to work with the young people who are going out to be the hope and light for a new generation by standing up for God and what is right.  As the world becomes darker, God’s Church will shine brighter as a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden—we’re beckoning “welcome home” to every person God calls through the doors.

Break Out The Photo Books

Pretty much all of our team grew up in church and many of our earliest memories are times spent at the church building, with church people, and in church services.  Our roots go very deep in the Lord and with each other.

I think our biggest advantage is that we work together well and have a good time because each generation grew up together, went to youth night together, attended school together, traveled to meetings together, and most important, were taught under Elder LaFleur’s Ministry together.  Continuing to stay on the right foundation and treat each other like family before anything else are the main things that keep us united.

The longevity of our friendships and fun is there because the Church was established in truth, order, and love that will continue to reach all our generations.  That established, common bond is the same reason when people come into the Church later, we feel like we’ve known them our whole lives.  They are pieces in the puzzle that make it all come together and fit perfectly.  It’s as if they have been our brother or sister since day one!

It’s About Time!

We’re Still Practicing. 

To the Team:  Make practice as good as you can possibly make it during rehearsal.  The difference in being prepared and in not being prepared is MASSIVE.

“The More You Practice, Rehearse, And Know The Plan, The More You Can Deviate From It Comfortably.”

Being prepared means you won’t be as afraid to step out because you can always get back into it if it goes downhill.  It sounds contradictory, but practicing over and over and getting it down correctly is what frees you to go off the cuff—with success.

The more you practice and get the right lines, notes, and dynamics down pat, the freer you’ll be to step out of it and go the way God wants you to go.

“Keep The Spiritual Momentum Moving Forward.”

We’re Continuing To Press In For Deeper Things From The Lord.

Elder teaches whatever we do, we want it to be something that is a strength to the Church.  If we sing, we want to sing truth, not empty words.  If we’re singing a song, but we don’t feel the truth in it, and it isn’t building us closer to Him—we won’t be singing with feeling or reaching heaven, and that makes it a waste.

Have such joy in God that you just let go of what holds you back.

Don’t be distracted by negativity—it will steal your joy and weigh you down.

Don’t be influenced by the world—we know how to be in the world, but not of the world.

The Word of God has already shaped our vision:  We know what we believe.  We know what we stand for.  We know all our hope is in Jesus!

Let Everything That ‘Feels The Spirit’ Praise Ye The Lord

Turns out, No.  That’s not what the scripture says.

Praise ye the Lord.  Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.  Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.  Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.  Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.  Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals.  Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord–Psalm 150

God told us if we are breathing, praise Him.  He didn’t say anything about us having to feel something first.  We take the first step to thank Him, honor Him, and praise Him for all He has done for us.  Reach out to the Lord; He will never leave you hanging.  He will always be there.

Remember That Time When . . .

Elder started every service with lifting our hands and giving God praise.  We all need something from the Lord, and only He can deliver us.  However, Elder had us spend the first minutes of service not asking God for anything.  Instead, he told us to praise the Lord for what He had already done in our lives, for calling us to the Body of Christ, for all the prayers He already answered, for giving us so much truth, for giving us a Ministry who has never stopped watching for our souls, for all the times God was there when we had no where else to turn.

We began our service praising God, giving Him honor, and letting Him know how much we love Him.

Elder has always believed in living a thankful life no matter what state you’re in.  He taught us to praise God unconditionally and let Him know we love Him despite our circumstances.  If we follow that instruction, God will bless us.

When Your Friends Start Praising The Lord

Times are changing.  Peer pressure comes along with being young, but our goal in this production has been to point this generation toward Jesus and the Ministry and encourage them to open their eyes and hearts to what God can do for them.

Our theme is about praising God.  Our prayer is that the Lord will soften all our hearts to be ready to hear the trumpet.  When it comes to young people, remember, God can do in one moment what we could not do in a lifetime.

We Want This Generation To Understand WHY We Do What We Do. 

We want them to be aware of the great responsibility and sacrifices made by the Elder and Sister Jean and all the faithful people who have paved our way.  As mentors, we want to be generous with our encouragement and time.  Our young people need our time.  They are well-worth the investment.

We want to help guide them in the direction the Ministry is leading.  We want to remember wisdom comes with age.  (It’s not like we ever cruised around with blaring music yelling with the windows down or anything that stupid.)

A Couple Things We’ve Been Talking About

Elijah.  He’s just one of the coolest prophets ever.

Earth, Wind, and Fire—Elijah survives them all without a scratch.  In the event of a battle with 850 men on one side and Elijah standing alone on the other side, stand with Elijah—if you want to live.

He defeated the sleazy 850 Baal worshipers in a competition challenging them to a duel between himself and God—and he had some fun doing it.  He’s spiritual, he’s ready to do whatever God tells him, and he’s powerful because God is on his side.  Some laugh and say having ‘God on your side’ doesn’t matter.  Elijah begs to differ.

Elijah Prays At The Top Of Mount Carmel, A Cloud Like A Man’s Hand Rises From The Sea, Rain Comes After A Three-Year Drought . . . And Yes, We’re Impressed.

However, everyone is still after him, and Ahab and Jezebel want him dead.  Yet, Elijah strolls right into Ahab’s back yard while Ahab’s relaxing in his new (stolen) vineyard to let Ahab know that God’s going to kill him and feed his blood to the dogs.  Ahab wonders how Elijah found him, and Elijah tells him, ‘you can’t hide from the Lord, man’.  He delivers God’s warning and scares Ahab so bad that he straightens up—for just a little while.

Later, Elijah kills an army with fire from heaven.

Do. Not. Mess. With. Elijah.

The Ten Faithless Spies.  Think:  Joshua and Caleb and the ten spies who went to check out the land of milk and honey.

Even though the ten spies saw all the miracles God performed–God parted the Red Sea right in front of their eyes—they never became true partakers of God and His plan.  They witnessed everything God did, but never walked with Him.  They were right there in the middle of what God was doing.  Yet, they died.  Complaining and murmuring spread worse than any physical disease and killed every one of the children in the wilderness.

Who Are You Listening To?

These are not the days to be under a Ministry who is not truly walking in God’s way.  Many preachers have risen to positions by natural means.  Maybe they have great speaking ability, draw people through charismatic sermons, or have some fancy life-skill programs.  If they’re not stirring your heart to come back to God, to overcome your life, to repent, or to hunger for truth, get away from that place.  A leader cannot lead you any farther than he has gone or take you to a place in which he has not been or partook.

Before You Click ‘Follow’ . . .

Listen to words, not delivery.  Delivery is icing on the cake.  Words are the difference between life and death.  Don’t be drawn into a message just because it’s eloquent, lively, intelligent, or engaging.  Ask:  Do the words resonate with God’s truth?

If You Spread Positive Vibes, High Five!

Obviously, the ten spies were persuasive speakers.  They killed all the children in the wilderness with their words.  The Israelites died from murmuring and listening to the wrong message.  No matter how you dress it up, an evil report is still . . . an evil report.  It will lead you nowhere except to die in a spiritual wilderness.

Shining In The Light Of His Glory

The “Let It Rain” team is ready to praise the Lord, usher in the spirit of God, and have a good time in the Lord!!





  1. AMEN! I couldn’t agree more with this post. The production is going to be amazing!!! Saturday night a bright light will shine to the world, showing the joy, happiness, and unity that comes from serving the Lord❣️

  2. I can’t wait for the performance! Everyone has been diligently working to make this night perfect.

  3. I know that everyone involved with this production has worked extremely hard and put their hearts into it. I’m looking forward to receiving from their labor. I know that I’ll have a great time and learn some very poignant lessons at the same time. Can’t wait.

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