Yay.  We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

A favorite time in our meetings is when the family of God comes together to play instruments, sing, rejoice, worship, and seek the Lord in One Spirit.  The music is awesome; the energy, contagious; and the spirit, sweet.

He Touched Us

The spirit of God should always be in our hearts, no matter where we are.  During the March Convention, many went down to the altar for prayer.  As tears streamed down faces, touching Jesus was all that mattered.

Raising our hands to God takes our eyes off us, and turns us to Jesus.  The presence of God softens our hearts and moves us forward.

It’s Unbelievable How Close God Is To Us

When you cry out to God and praise Him, circumstances can turn around.

Going down to the altar is about our relationship with the Heavenly Father, our personal Savior.  Elder has always taught that God isn’t far away, rigid, or austere.  He’s right here, right now, and we can talk to Him as our closest friend who loves us and takes care of us.

We can call on Him anytime and anyplace.  No matter what situation, we are never alone.  

Reach Out And Hold On

God didn’t promise a life without pain, but He did promise to never let us go.

In a life turned upside down, God can achieve what we don’t think is possible.  The scriptures settle in our bones.  The Holy Ghost settles in our spirit.  In all our circumstances, the Lord never takes His hand off us.  He’s with us.  In all life’s problems and in our brokenness, God is with us.

When We Can’t See The Light Of Day

Fear, unknowns, and worrying overwhelm.  We say “help me” and all we hear is silence.  We want to run but have nowhere to go.  We pray with all our heart, nothing worthy of the book of Psalms, but cries from deep inside.  We pray God will send someone to talk to us.  We can’t endure this trial alone.

People are everywhere.  We hold so many connections in the palm of our hand.  Yet, we’re alone, holding back defeat.

Come To The Altar

When we have a burden we can’t bear, bring it to the Lord.  We have a Ministry whose prayers are backed by the power of God.  We’re blessed to have men of God who love us and care for our souls.  Their prayers yield results.

As the Ministry lays hands on us and we surrender to the Holy Ghost, the Lord penetrates our heart and a surge of hope is restored.

7 thoughts on “A SONG (OR TWO) IN YOUR HEART

  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful summary of our last Onslow Meeting. I know we are all looking forward to this weekend and I’m preparing my heart to hear the precious instructions, counsel, and words of truth and encouragement that the Lord will give to Elder and the Ministry. I am so very thankful each and every day for the blessing the Lord has given me in calling me to the Body of Christ! It’s going to be both wonderful and life changing! I believe!

  2. That was so well said. He truly is “a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” I am so thankful for that closeness that is available to us and for a God called ministry that loves the people of God. This upcoming meeting will be a further assurance of both.

  3. I am looking forward to the meeting this weekend. I am thankful that we have a God that is not afar off, but up close and personal. One that we can go to when we need Him. I know the Lord has something very good in store for us through His Ministry that will allow us to grow more in Christ. I am preparing my heart to receive what the Lord has in store for me.

  4. Even if I can’t get my act together, my thoughts and prayers are there for each of you all. Keep following your shepherd because he won’t lead you astray. Have a great meeting this week.

  5. Wow what a powerful message of the effects of prayer to our personal Savior, Jesus Christ. So true, so true! When you are caught by despair, look for the light at the end of that tunnel. It is Christ, not the train of humanity. He comes in the still small voice of 1 Kings 19:12 that comforts when you are on the edge of your being. Thank God for His ministry and their teachings to place the glue of love back in our lives and gives hope to the hopeless. Looking forward to God’s will in our meeting. Sister Dee Dee

  6. What a blessing and privilege it is to be able to connect to the God of the Universe on an intimate level. The October 2017 meeting is over but the afterglow remains! The wonderful and cohesive messages from our Godly ministry helped reinforce my faith and assurance that the Body of Christ is alive, growing and moved by the powerful touch of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to Elder Lafleur and all of our ministers for your love for God’s people and dedication to His Word.

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