What A Night!

We celebrated a beautiful Graduation and 39 successful years since Elder LaFleur opened the doors of Onslow Christian Academy.

As the last school year closed, we were reminded that the true vine reached further into our lives and that our roots remained deeply planted.

As We Move Through Life

The moments we’ll remember most are the ones when God raised us up and gave our lives meaning.¬† We’re a family who has fun together, faces challenges side-by-side, and celebrates each another’s triumphs.

And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

— Ephesians 2:6


7 thoughts on “THIRTY-NINE & COUNTING

  1. It was an amazing end to the month of May and the beginning of the month of June! This video spoke volumes to the start of a great weekend! “We were there” to witness the graduation of our brother in 39th year of Elder’s vision of a Christian School! I am blessed to have had my daughter graduate from this great place! The staff and teachers put their hearts‚Äč and souls into our kids, and put the love of God in them. We couldn’t have done that on our own as her parents…it took the love of God in the people of God to do that! Then these last couple of services have made a difference in my walk with God! Then to top it off, Sunday night, my body was in a rough condition, and as soon as the ministry laid hands on me and prayed for me, God healed me…it was an awesome experience! Come out and see what God can do in your life, I can tell you from experience, and Faith, you’ll never be the same again! We’re winning! Thank you Elder, and Sis. Jean, Staff and Teachers of Onslow Christian Academy, and Body of Christ for making a difference in my family’s life!

  2. Thank you Elder, for obeying God’s call to open this wonderful school 39 years ago. Thank you to all of the dedicated teachers over the years who have shaped the lives of so many children, including my own. Thank you Lord, for keeping your hand on Onslow Christian Academy for 39 years and, I pray, for many years to come.

  3. It always renews my faith to see a young person who has been raised up in the Lord it is full of zeal for life and standing strong the Lord I know that’s only possible because they have a firm foundation planted by an apostle who is a wise master builder and a Ministry that’s doing the same. The students are surrounded with the love and support from the Church family and natural. I just appreciate being apart and I don’t want to take this for granted. I appreciate that we sit in Heavenly places everyday

  4. I am so thankful for this school and the continuing strength it has given to so many including me. The Elder said it in his address to the attendees that his vision in starting the school was to provide a place for the people of God’s children to have a place that was free of drugs, bullying and other plagues of our public school systems while still providing a quality education along with spiritual education, support, and love. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
    Thank you to all the staff and their families who willing sacrifice so much to help in the accomplishments of this great vision. Giving all they do while truly loving the students that God has brought. I look forward to many more years of these same successes.

  5. I am so thankful for the Elder listing to the Lord to start a school for God’s chilldern’s. I have been blessed to have my son and his wife and there.two children to graduate from this school.This school means a lot to me. They have some of the best teachers that you will ever find. They love each child as if they were there own. They take the time to help each one and they pray with our children that means a lot in a child life.Thank You Elder & Sister Jean and all the staff for all the care you give.
    i pray for quite a few more years.

  6. I’m so thankful for the School and the Church at Onslow, and for all that the Lord is doing today, WOW 39 year’s and still going strong how Awesome is that, I’m so glad to be a part.
    Congrats to brother Zaine it was a great night and we are so proud of you.
    I salute this school, the thechers, the staff and the Elder and sister Jean

  7. I am so thankful to have graduated from our church school. At that time it was in Potter’s Hill and was just beginning. Then and now the Elder had a vision for the children of God’s people to be able to get a quality education without all the social drama the occurs in today’s educational system. The educational system that has been set in place in this country has proven itself to be an unsafe and immoral environment.
    It was a privilege and an honor to have attended and graduated from our school, then be able to send our children there as well. It is always best to have church, home, and school on the same page so there is harmony in your home. The Lord should always be our focal point.
    I want to thank the Elder, Sister Jean, and the staff at Onslow Christian Academy for another successful year and look forward to many more.

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