After pulling out a big win and huge success last weekend, Elder said break out the testimonies.

The 2017 March Convention brought a LOT of blessings and went down in our history as the GREATEST meeting to date.  Why?  Elder said everything was working as it should be.

The spirit was not compromised.

What follows are phrases or quotes from the testimonies we heard Saturday evening after the convention.  They are in no particular order, but they tell the story of the meeting pretty clearly.

“Such a sweet, precious spirit.”

“I think myself Happy.”        

“More compassion.”       

“I know I am where I am supposed to be.”         

“We don’t need the traditions of men, we need what God has for us.”        

“I’m thankful for the strength God gave Elder LaFleur.”       

“This way is not hard, we complicate it.”        

“We had an expectancy, so God met us.”        

“Each need was different, but the spirit was the same.”    

“I was excited, I’m still excited.”

“We can think ourselves happy and that’s good, but we can also think ourselves strong or mighty.”

“We’re Alive.”

“We had an anticipation and it didn’t disappoint.”

“I felt the Holy Ghost in a way I’ve never felt it before.”

Elder LaFleur paused the testimonies.

We look for miracles and great healings, but what about deliverance?  We’re about the truth.  We’re about deliverance.  We are in the Body of Christ!

The testimonies continued.

“I surrender, Lord, I’m yours.”

“So blessed.”

“The spirit was overwhelming.  Different.  Just took over.”

“The most encouraging meeting ever.”

“I just felt so different for this meeting.”

“I can be perfect!”

Hearing the reactions about the meeting was as powerful as the meeting itself!


  1. Listening to the testimonies last night, I kept thinking of that scripture in Psalms 145:15, “happy is that people that is such a case yet happy is that people whose God is the Lord we are the people of God.” I’m so thankful that God allowed me a chance. I don’t want to disappoint God, the people of God , or his ministry. I am happy where I’m at and I hope to continue to think myself happy whenever I’m not. I appreciate the truth, the people of God, and his wonderful spirit. We have ministry who feeds the flock exactly what we need. It was a great meeting and it’s only going to get better from here.

  2. It was such a great meeting! All I could think just before the meeting was the saying the Elder gave us long ago “come prayed up and come excepting”. Well as you have heard, the spirit was in every corner of the building and the word of God followed freely. I just believe the Lord’s speaking to our Churches in a mighty way!

  3. This meeting encouraged me in the Spirit of the Lord. To know he cares for us and he sent his spirt to us. What peace we can have.

  4. This was a landmark meeting, the best yet with more to come. The spirit of the Lord was so sweet, it was like a healing balm. I am looking forward to all the good that will come from this meeting and seeing how it will change people’s lives, including my own. I want to move ever forward in the Lord. We are winners!

  5. This meeting was so great it puts me in the mind of 1 Pet. 1:8… “rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” As you can tell from the excerts of the testimonies that the saints of God received something from this meeting. It was more than “it was a good meeting” or ” I really enjoyed the meeting ” People left with things to grow with, that’s what made it great. I can’t wait for our upcoming meetings.

  6. When the Lord heals your body, it is amazing! When God opens a door, it is surprising! When God’s Ministry teaches, you feel encouraged! But when God opens your eyes, frees your mind from things that have held you back for years, and delivers your soul, You feel like God visited you in a way like He’s never done before! That’s what this meeting did for me…..Praise Our God!

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