From Brother Nobles Sunday night speaking about the meeting that starts tonight.
He continued that we

“should expect mighty things from God.”

He asked,

“Will there be miracles?”

“Will you see something never seen before?”

“Will you hear a still small voice drawing you?”

and continued,

“Any of these will be mighty if it is truly of God.”

So I leave you with these words:  Come Expecting And You Will Receive!

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5 thoughts on “LAST CALL!

  1. I am excited to hear and see what the Lord has for us in this meeting! Last night, last minute preperations were being done. Church being cleaned, sound equipment checked, Bro. Rex was building something, candy was being set up, the meal was being worked on. It was exciting to see bro and sis busy getting everything ready for tonight. I am coming with an expectant heart!! See you all there.

  2. Come expecting to be filled and my soul to be fed, feel the love of God and you won’t be disappointed. come expecting to feel nothing to have nothing and get nothing and you won’t be disappointed either it is up to you to open your heart and receive what is being given

  3. I’m expecting blessings while knowing that expectation requires a commitment which, in turn, leads to a deeper walk with Christ. I’m so thankful to be in the Body of Christ, in this wonderful assembly, under our wise ministry and at this moment in time!

  4. What a great time we will have this weekend. What we have been anticipating is finally here. Let’s come prayed up and ready to receive some wonderful things that will lead us to the Bride. See you all soon.

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