Our Chains Are Gone.  We’ve Been Set Free!



Why Should You Come?

To hear truth, enjoy God’s family, feel the spirit, and worship in unity are just a few awesome reasons.  Open your mind to something deeper.  God could be calling you and this could signal a turning point in your salvation.  When you find God’s love and truth, it transcends everything.

When we realize, on our way to heaven, the scenery along the way is great and we begin to enjoy the journey, we’ve found a treasure.  We’ve found peace.

First, Our Purpose

If you follow us, you know we highlight messages from Elder LaFleur and the Ministry and share what God’s doing for us—which is a whole lot lately.

Wherever Elder is, he talks about the Lord.  He has a passion for lost souls.  His mission centers on bringing the Word of God up close and personal into people’s lives giving them peace in knowing they can make it.  On The Bridge, social media, or anywhere you see us, we want to continue this love for spreading the Gospel.

Our churches want to know God, hear the truth, and live His way.  May revelations that changed our lives, make a difference in yours.


Come back.  I have to say not many churches are preaching like the strong men of God we’ve been blessed to hear in the Body of Christ from the past and in our present Ministry.  There’s a lot of indecisiveness in trending social gospels.  People are quickly drawn there, but like those who went to worship Baal, they can’t fully yield because in their hearts they know.  Baal is not the altar of God.


Worshiping Baal attracts people.  It appears profitable and leaves the flesh feeling good.  It lies in wait at every corner.  It caters to human desires.  It’s exciting, appealing, seductive, convenient.  It’s enticing.

But it’s not God.


Jeremiah pointed that out in the fifth chapter.  In 1 Kings 18, the children of God strayed again from the truth and there was great spiritual conflict as they fell away from God and refused to separate themselves from society.  The day is coming once again when God says, time’s up.  Worshipers of Baal will cry out as they did before, but Baal is an idol and can do nothing to help them.  Some will turn to the God they rejected.

He’ll remember their choices when they:

  • Denied His name for carnal pleasures.
  • Traded life-changing services for entertainment.
  • Discarded truth-speaking ministers for modern rhetoric.
  • Dumped wholesome standards for worldly trends.
  • Ignored God’s ways and listened to popular beliefs.
  • Abandoned the straight and narrow path to travel the broad way.

In the last days, they’ll pray to be delivered from their anguish.  God says He won’t hear them.


Get away from the altar of Baal. 

Stop halting between two opinions.  It will destroy your desire.

There’s a new generation of Baal worshipers.  Long ago in their hearts, they left Him.  God’s prophet is speaking to them, but their minds are gone.   They have a new generation, new things, and a new god.  Their hearts are divided, and they won’t lay it down.  Living with a divided heart is dangerous and will take away their desire to serve God.  They come to the altar with human lusts.  The wicked are lying in wait for them with snares and traps.  But the new generation of Baal worshipers think they’ve been touched there.  They want no fear of God in their lives.  (Jeremiah 5)

Get away from the false woman.

She’s the harlot who stars in Proverbs 7.  Her feet go down to death.

There’s no stability and no growth when Christians run from one belief to the next, one preacher to the next, one church to the next, one desire to the next.  Come stand on the solid foundation where God is building.  Meet a Ministry where men lay down their lives on the altar to be used for His glory.  Meet a people who choose to walk after His ways, not man’s.


Say his name and people know our Apostle is a man of God.  Wherever he is, there is an awe and sense of God that travels with him.

He speaks from a heart of compassion.  He teaches scriptures that cut right to the thoughts and intentions of the heart.  He preaches words that breathe life into the congregation.  He delivers messages that are the most soul-stirring you’ll ever hear.

Only one thing can reach down to the innermost depths and produce overcomers.  Truth.


If you’re in a church that is bowing to Baal.  If carnality is prevailing. If the foundation is built on false doctrines.  If the Word is diminished.  If scriptures are twisted.  If people are being led astray.  If morality is abandoned.  If standards don’t exist.  If you’re struggling.  If you’re jaded.  If you’re praying.  If you’re wondering.  If your salvation is dying.  If your flesh is satisfied but your soul is starving.  If entertainment overload has left you spiritually empty.  If you’re running low.  If His spirit feels distant.  If you’ve been hurt.  If you’re scared.  If you’re longing to know Him.  If you’re hungry.  If you’re lost.  If you know there is more.

Don’t hope that conviction goes away.  Let go of Baal and answer the Lord’s call.

God’s Church is for you.  He has a people in the earth today and we are edified and inspired to keep hearing truth.  Our conviction is strong.


We look forward to seeing the family of God.  We can’t wait to fellowship and worship together.

We are beyond happy to welcome you and are grateful to have this chance to host a meeting for the precious people of God.  We’re a people who love each other as God told us to.  If you’re looking for something different that is real, you’ve found it!

We’re excited about what God’s doing!!! 

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

15 thoughts on “It’s Time: Listen to God’s Ministry As You’ve Never Listened Before. Read The Word As You’ve Never Read It In Your Life. See What’s Sweeping Across His Church, March 16-19.

  1. As a contributor here on the Bridge I don’t often get a chance to comment, but after reading this post I feel compelled to do so.

    If any of what you just read rings true, as sister Lisa says, “Don’t hope that conviction goes away”. Come and see! Don’t turn to your normal distraction. Come and see!

    Think about that conviction as a gift because it is. God is drawing you to him.

    This meeting is going to be great and I can’t wait!

  2. Can’t wait for the upcoming meeting March 16-19. They keep getting better and better!

  3. I am anticipating a landmark meeting of God’s ministry and the people of God. It is an exciting time to be a part of the Body of Christ.

  4. The excitement that is stirring in anticipation of our meeting is palpable in this post! Thanks for the inspiring encouragement! I’m so thankful to be called and have a place in this church, led by a clean ministry, full of integrity! I can’t wait to see Gods People in 2 weeks!!

  5. I can’t wait for this meeting and to be with the family of God! It’s going to be outstanding!

  6. Expecting great things from this meeting on how to overcome our nature and strive to be more like Christ!

  7. There is a sense of urgency in today’s world to seek for pleasure and not for spirituality. But there are still some who’s hearts seek the truth of God and His Word. The sound of God’s truth rings and the sound of man’s attempt at truth clangs. The internal fight comes in when God’s way interferes with pleasure seeking man’s ways. It takes time to learn of God. He didn’t make the world overnight and He doesn’t remake his people overnight either. I’m privileged to be a part of this family of God and continue to listen for that soft still voice to learn of God. I’ve given myself permission to give God time to teach me in His ways. It is a true gift to gather together to worship our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Come join us as we follow Christ to be presented to His Father.

  8. Just let the Spirit guide you and listen to your heart. Many people all throughout time have searched for love, happiness, and knowing that they are ushered to the hands of God. I don’t know much, but I’ve certainly felt the touch of God through this ministry. This meeting will be so POWERFUL!! Come experience Life and Live!! 🙂

  9. What a message S. Lisa just gave in this issue of the bridge. God is still seeking those true worshipers who worship him in spirit and in truth. If you are one of those, or want to be, then I encourage you to come to this meeting. You will hear truth preached and you will experience the true spirit of love and worship that is produced by the truth. If you can’t come to the meeting then come to one of the regular services and experience the same thing, the meeting with more of God’s ministry and people gathered together just magnifies that same spirit and truth.

  10. It’s our year, the Elder said in the beginning of the year. And we’re still gathering the Word, the Joy, the Spirit, the Fellowship, and the People of God.
    We’re removing the hindrances that we build in our minds, as Bro. Nobles encouraged us. We’re becoming a Holy Temple that God’s Spirit can Inhabit, as the Elder and Bro. Gibbs taught on, letting more of that Candlestick ( Christ in us) shine through us. Come expecting and with prayed up minds, as Bro. Patrick exhorted us to do. Be Open and Ready to receive the engrafted Word that is Able to Build us UP and give us an inheritance among the Saints of God in Light, as Bro. Suggs stirred our hearts up. Knowing it’s gonna take more Faith in God, in this Doctrine, and in this Spirit of God, in the Order of God, this year more than ever before, as Bro. Gavin preached on last Friday Night at Fellowship night! You can see we’re so excited about what God is going to do in this meeting next Thursday through Sunday. Come out and Worship with us as we “Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving (as Bro. Wright always encourages us to do) and Let’s enter into His Courts with Praise ( Holy Holy Holy as Bro. Gill Always testifies to us)!!! We believe you’ll receive something you’ve never received before!

  11. I am excited about our meeting next weekend. This will be a life changing meeting. Come and join us as the ministry gives us words of life!!

  12. I am getting more excited every day, for our meeting that will start Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. Will get to see some of our brothers & sisters from other areas that we haven’t seen for a while.But most important we get to hear the good word of God from different brother that is sharing the good word. If any one is interest in wanting to know more come out and worship with us.Sis Marie Foy

  13. I am thrilled to be at this Meeting! I will come expecting something good, as the Elder and the Ministry advise us. They’ve always fed our spirit with the Gospel and wisdom. I am grateful to be here to learn and grow among people who truly love God.

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