After weeks of rehearsals and preparing for the musical, Pilgrim, we wound up here–our final night performing and a fantastic evening celebrating as a cast and team.  These months of working together brought us closer in God and we formed bonds (like Aaron Suggs testified) that will last forever.

I wanted to leave this beautiful preview video and video album of our rehearsals on The Bridge that Ron Canby and Greg Canby were so kind to make for us.  We will look back on them remembering that this production took us to new heights and brought a vision to life of the path and told a story of how our King is with us always, even until the end.

There were silent parts during the performance, and those moments brought tears and did something to shake us inside a little.  There were funny scenes that had us laughing so hard, and they reminded us how moments of happiness make our burdens lighter and bring us closer.

When times were desperate, carnal thinking was taking over, and giving up was the only answer, the King touched Hopeful and reminded him to read from the Book.  In the midst of their dire situation and wanting to give up, Hopeful told Christian they hadn’t read from the Book or talked to the King in a while.  When Hopeful opened the Book and began reading, the King stepped in and everything started turning around for them.  God sends the perfect people in our lives on our journey, just as he did for Christian.  If we have a ministry and friends who remind us what is really important, we have everything.  The Lord gives us who we need and when we need them.

Our love to Ron and Greg, professional videographers, for donating their time, talent, and labor to create these videos for us.  We will ALL look back and remember these very special days and nights with each other on this most incredible journey.



  1. This was such an inspiring play. As I watched these videos, tears once again fell because I know how true this play was. We are on this path and learning more and more how to walk on it. During this play I saw joy, learning experiences and of course suffering along the narrow way Christian was taking. We know that this is what we go through in our walk with the Lord. To actually see these things touched my heart and gave me a deeper assurance that the King is with me everyday as I walk this way. This play will forever be with me. Thank you Elder for allowing Sis. Lisa to produce this play for us.

  2. The long months of rehearsing and all the hard work of the performers, technicians, Sis Lisa (our wonderful director) and everyone else involved were well worth an evening to remember for the rest of my life. Not only did the story itself leave a profound and lasting impact on me, so did watching our precious young people meet and exceed every challenge presented by putting on a production of this quality. Thankyou, Elder and Sis Jean Lafleur for following the Lord’s direction to open this school so many years ago. The fruit is evident in the vibrant testimonies of these young saints of God.

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