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Let me tell you, it just does something to your heart to see families serving Christ together and loving each other.  I don’t know of anything more beautiful.

Welcome to our first family edition, “Family Faith:  Our Cornerstone & Compass” featuring families in our churches.

Being married and a part of a family is a blessing like no other, but we’ll probably all nod our heads in agreement to say that the struggle is reeeeal when it comes to all the juggling that goes into taking care of a family, carving out time for each other, raising children, and hustling to succeed so you can pay the bills.


In our churches we look at family—this special part of our lives—in a different light from the world’s perspective.  We believe in putting God first and building everything else from that point.  He has been so good to us, and without Him, we’re lost.  Human life was never intended to be perfect, but when God is first, blessings find a way to our front doors, and somehow things work out better than we expected or could have done on our own.

If you don’t believe me, look at Elder and Sister Jean.  They have worked ENDLESSLY to put God (and His people) first.  They are quick to be thankful and let everyone know that it’s amazing how God has blessed them.

Speaking of family…

My parents have sustained faith that has brought them through a lifetime together.  They’re amazing—they’re true examples—they are a team to admire.


Elder has worked hard to preserve and keep us on the true foundation.  It provides a Biblical framework of values and guidelines that ensure safety and security for our souls.  It’s a place where families have a common goal and stand on stable ground and where truth and revelation guide our conscience to do what’s right.  The Bible is not some bland or standard answer for us because we’re Christians.  His Word is more than a book.  It’s everywhere we are, in our hearts, and it’s powerful—it’s what we live for and why we do what we do.

It’s what we teach our children.  According to Deuteronomy 11:19, we teach them when we’re sitting, walking, going to bed, and waking up.  Let them know Jesus is the cornerstone of the family and that His ministry is the compass that guides us.


I don’t know about yours, but my family has definitely shared many good laughs.  There would be some situation that was funny and that would turn into a private joke and the private joke would later get reduced to a simple phrase and that phrase became our souvenir from that moment.  To this day, we can’t keep a straight face to retell some these stories.   Just that phrase can uncork and renew laughter now–and truthfully, shared memories make us laugh the hardest.  Hold these.  They might help you get through some pretty tight spots with each other.  When you laugh together, it eases burdens and tension.  I feel like we’ll find out someday that God has a sense of humor, too.


Whether it’s just you and your honey, or you have little crumb snatchers (errrr… children), no family is perfect—honestly, the real details aren’t always mushy and our grumpy times are probably too many, but working to build a marriage or raise children in the Body of Christ gives us an edge when it comes to the long haul—whether we mess up or our world collapses, we face trials eventually.  Here with God, we have a place to get our lives on track, a ministry to show us the way, a shelter from the storm, and a sanctuary of peace where we can exhale and mean it.

Who wouldn’t want their children and loved ones under God’s covering and protection amidst all the ups and downs that come with this life?   

Families are different shapes and sizes.  Maybe you have small children, grown children, grandchildren, a husband or wife, or you’re a party of one at the moment—know that finding happiness from serving God is a good life—and it’s actually attainable!


Sometimes we try to make things perfect and feel we have to tidy up everything, including each other.  When it comes to ordinary everyday life, let some things fall where they may—many times that’s where we find authenticity and beauty.

Only the Lord has the ability to hold us all together in times when it only makes sense to fall apart.  Remember that, trust that, and keep your family close in Him.


Meet people who found that when they put Jesus before all else in marriage and with children, it brought a harmonious balance of love, respect, and joy into their homes.

These seven families are giving us a glimpse (and a few secrets) into their happiness in the Lord and with each other.

And here they are!


Phil and Lynn
  1.  The Love of God keeps our family grounded in the Word of God, which is the foundation upon which we build our home.  Hebrews  10:7  Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.”
  2. Something special in our family is that we serve the Lord together.  Even when our children were small, we always did things together, whether cleaning the church, preparing a meal, or enjoying youth group activities.
  3. What keeps our family together in Christ is that we like to share positive affirmations and scriptures with each other each day to stay encouraged.  Hebrews 10:24  And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.”


Monte, Lena, Aaron, and Brittany

What Keeps Our Family’s Foundation in the Lord

Our revelation of who Jesus is and understanding that HE called us to the Body of Christ.  He planted us in a place that has caused us to grow in our walk with Him.  A deeper love and appreciation for Him, His people, and ALL that He has sacrificed for us will make us stronger.

What Keeps Our Family Close and Happy

Having the same goal in mind.  To not just live, but having a purpose to become more Christ-like so that one day we will overcome and get to live eternally with Christ.  Our family is striving to stay equally yoked with Christ.

WE LIVE – to take on the mind of Christ.

WE LAUGH- with and at each other.

WE LOVE- one another even through our imperfections.

Aaron and Brittany


Darrell, Trecinda, Aaron, Michael, and Emma

We were both blessed to be born and raised in the Body of Christ, and our parents instilled in us a love for God at an early age.  Since our marriage started out founded on Jesus, we have been blessed with a wonderful life.

When our children were born, we knew we would bring them up in this wonderful family of God that we have always been blessed to be a part of.

Our home is definitely not the quietest one around, but it is full of love and happiness.

Darrell and Trecinda 2


John, Rachel, Dylan, Leah, and Nathan

We, as parents, make every effort to keep our family built-up on the foundation of Christ.

First, by serving and loving God.

Second, by following His ministry here on earth.

Third, by frequent fellowship with His people (our family).

This has proven over and over again to provide us with a successful and happy family life.

We LOVE the Church at Onslow!

John and Rachel 4


Sam, Missy, and Sammy

Serving the Lord, applying the Word of God to our lives, and the counsel of the ministry have helped us in our walk with the Lord.

We have come a long way from where we began, and it has made our family stronger.  I can’t stress the blessings and the covering He has given our family and the strength He has given us through situations we didn’t understand.

The Lord blessing us with Sammy is one lonnggg story about what God brought us through until He blessed us with our son.

Sam and Missy 5


Kevin, Shereta, and Kevin

Keeping the Lord first in our lives is an on-going process.  We always seek God out in all situations and seek scripture to help us deal with “life”, stay humble, and keep our hope alive.

We still eat dinner every evening together and play games like spades or dominoes to keep us in fellowship with one another.  This gives us a relaxed setting to joke around, talk about our day, or just share what Jesus has been doing for us lately.

These times together have given us an openness to converse about anything from simple day-to-day activities, relationships with others, or even to more serious discussions like salvation.

Wright Family 2016 (14 of 25)


Robert and Deborah

Paul said, “By the grace of God I am what I am.”  This simple statement clearly articulates the mindset that we carry into all aspects of our life.  Sure, we prepare and work hard, but it is through Him that we find success.

Applying the lessons we have learned under Elder LaFleur regarding how to treat one another, and following the examples set by other successful couples have aided us in our 20 plus years of marriage.  We only hope to become as good of an example as has been set for us.

The Lord has blessed us in so many ways.  We feel humbled by His grace and mercy and we love to share our blessings with His people.

Love these families!  Weren’t they incredibly uplifting? 

More families coming to The Bridge later, so keep your eye out 🙂


  1. When I was a kid I used to read Weekly Reader in school. This has become my Grown up Weekly Reader. These are always very descriptive and enlightening! This week was very special because I can see how all of these families have touched mine and my family’s life!! Sometimes people don’t always know their calling in the Lord, but Lisa, you and your “Bridge Crew” have definitely intrigued and encouraged my heart. Thank God for you! 🙂

  2. Thank you all for sharing your personal stories. It is so gratifying to gain insight into how each family has put the teaching of the Word into practice in their own unique ways. There is no greater or more satisfying journey than to follow God in the Body of Christ with those we love.

  3. I have learned in the teachings of the word of God how important family is to the Lord, I’m reminded of what Joshua said ” as for me and my house (or family) we shall serve the Lord ” each of these families have chosen the same.

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