It’s been two weeks and the excitement is still flowing.  Sharing a few pictures from our fellowship—hope they make you smile!

I think we’re all still overwhelmed in the best possible way from the meeting for a couple reasons.  We left with our eyes opened and enjoyed quality time with family.

About the Fellowship—first, let’s be honest.  Was it not the most meaningful and genuine we’ve had?  Brother Patrick said out loud what we all were thinking.  Saturday night was a true fellowship with brothers and sisters (not customers), and it was not a retail marketing business opportunity event (that kept inching more space than the actual fellowship).  We didn’t come to shop or promote business; we came to blend our spirits and get our love to one another—and we did.  A lot.

 It reminded us that we’re not alone and we need each other—and this is why.

We are Christians, but our lives aren’t made of glitter and rainbows and we don’t always have it together.  We can wake up one morning and it be like any other day, but within seconds, literally, we can be left spinning from something we never saw coming.  Thankfully, God is there to take hold of the chaos.  We have a ministry to reach heaven and each other to rally around and pray.

Struggles are never, never easy, but with God on our side and prayers from the saints, they are bearable until we overcome.  We have one another and we have time… and with these, you often come up on a miracle.


Trials differ in details, but deep down, we fight the same battles and hit the same road blocks.  What we are going through isn’t always obvious or known, but we surround ourselves with the family of God because it is here we grow valuable, lasting relationships.  When your reckoning comes—and everyone’s does—it may be your brothers and sisters eating a slice of pizza next to you in the church dining room who pray you back from defeat.  Their love may be what carries you until you can reach the arms of Jesus yourself.

We all know with any family it’s easy to sway between love and irritation in mere seconds.  Maybe it’s the other person, or your own nerves are too exposed.  Through fellowship we learn to bear with petty grievances, care, and be watchful over one another.  Living in spiritual solitude would not give us these opportunities.

Elder LaFleur planted this church in divine love and working together when he first started building—long before it was trendy or popular.  He knew team work would develop love, grace, and compassion among the brothers and sisters.  We surrender the unbearable stuff to Jesus.  All the rest, we pray and stick together.

Jesus called us sheep because sheep stay or go–in a flock.


It’s important to get past superficial greetings (Brother Patrick has been preaching for us to initiate more involvement in getting to know each other) so that we are there to lend comfort or relief.  Sure, we can send up prayers for someone we barely know, but how much more are those prayers for ones we are close to?

And what about united prayer from all the saints?  All those times we came together and cried out to heaven for healings and help—Psalm 141, He gave ear unto our voices, we escaped snares, and He did not leave our souls destitute.  We put our trust in Him.  Let’s never forget heaven opening up when we sought God as a family, the healings, all the blessings that followed, and how much it reminded us… we need each other.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, two are better than one—without a friend, who helps you when you fall?  And three are better than two—more to withstand anyone who comes against you.  That’s what fellowship builds.


That Saturday evening in between nachos (and cheese on the side), we talked, listened, laughed, exchanged a few encouraging words, shared the JOY of the meeting, oooh’d and aahh’d over our newest little members, and chatted about so many blessings God has given and the work He’s doing in our lives.  Did you notice He is blessing everywhere we are?!


We have a reputation for embracing the silly moments in this journey wherever we find them—and boy, this group has radar for any situation that might lead to a good chuckle, and we tend to hold on and reminisce about it for years!  We’ve all been that person trying not to snicker too hard at someone’s expense (or we’ve been the one being snickered at), but hey, laughing together keeps our hearts merry, and according to Proverbs 17:22, that’s a good thing!

March Meeting 2016 (9 of 15)

Fellowship leads to friendships in Christ.  These friendships guarantee that we never have to take on the hardships of life alone, and we’ll always have someone by our sides to celebrate the joys with.  So, let’s take care of each other.  True friends are gold.

In God’s Church, we develop lifelong friendships.  Some we knew from the start and met as newborns.  Others we meet later and go, “Thank God” the minute we meet them.  They came at the right time in your life, nothing about them is fake, and everything about their love is genuine and real.  Kindred spirits.


Friends are there to build you up and put a shield up for things that may sting.  You show up for each other.  You take spiritual walks and talks together.  You hold each other accountable in the Lord.  You lean on each other.  Friends from God will last and see you through until the end.  The others pulling you in a different way?  Just let them go.

We don’t know what’s down the road, but right now we have an opportunity to fellowship, and life is better with spiritual friends around.  Cherish them.  Love them like crazy, defend them, and make time for them.  In a ten-minute span, you can give a giant hug, say something uplifting, or smile.  No matter how often you see each other, when you do, build something real, something positive.

1Thessalonians 5:11  “Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.”


Within hours of departures as the quiet settled in, we were missing the laughter and energy of having family around in close corridors.  Already looking forward to next time 🙂

Fellowship is a powerful connector.  The family of God is bound together by far more than individual preferences.  What do we have in common?

The fellowship of God’s Son = Everything that matters.

1 Corinthians 1:9  “God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.”

We have taken off and left no room for looking over our shoulder at the past—we are a resilient people with God on our side!  Our bond is unbroken and tighter than ever.



  1. What a wonderful meeting and to hear from so many brother’s, on what the Lord gave them based on the foundation the Elder laid in, Hebrews 13:6 The Lord is my helper.

    Then to come to the fellowship that was true fellowship in the Lord, Laughing and enjoying each other’s insight to what they had taken from the day’s meeting. I’m so very thankful to have been there and I count my self blessed.

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